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Documents that Should Be Shredded
Wednesday, September 28, 2016

After you’ve realized that the safest way to handle company documents that no longer need to be kept on file is to have them shredded by a trusted, outside source, your next question might be: which documents should be shredded?

The answer to this question is going to vary from one company to another, but there are some general guidelines that any company can follow when they’re preparing for routine document shredding.

Confidential Documents

Documents that no longer need to be kept on site or in storage are best shredded for security reasons. Confidential documents that fall into the wrong hands can spell disaster for your company. Have anything from trade secrets to employee records shredded when you no longer need to keep them in company files.

Financial Records

If the documents are financial in nature, they should be shredded once they’re no longer needed. Simply recycling anything that relates to bank accounts, financial institutions, assets, financial reports, billing records, or payroll is just asking for trouble. Play it safe and have all your company’s financial documents shredded by a licensed outside provider.


Once your legal team has decided that you no longer need to keep internal or external correspondence on hand, it’s safest to have it shredded. Without this added security step, you’re inviting damaging or defamatory attention if the correspondence is sensitive and is discovered by a competing party or a person who wants to do you or your company harm.

Legal Information

Any documents that originated from or have been handled by your company’s legal team should be shredded once they are no longer needed. We’re sure your lawyers would tell you the same.


When in doubt, shred. If you know you don’t need a document anymore but you’re unsure about the confidentiality of its contents, have it shredded. It’s the safest thing you can do to protect your company and the personal information of others.

Here’s an easy list of things that are typically shredded for clients by Document Destruction:

·      Trade secrets

·      Billing records

·      Employee records

·      Customer lists

·      Credit card receipts

·      Financial reports

·      Legal briefs and documents

·      Medical records

·      Memos/notes containing customer information

·      Payroll and employment documents

If you’re interested in protecting your company’s confidential information, give us a call. We’ll help you discover the reasons why hiring Document Destruction to handle your company’s shredding services is a smart move.



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"Four Reasons To Use Document Destruction"

Don't get us wrong, using your own paper shredder is better than nothing, but organizations
that implement internal shredding programs are not being as frugal or as secure as they think they are.

   1. We shred your documents on-site in front of your eyes into confetti.

   2. Document Destruction is NAID CERTIFIED & ACCREDITED for
       document shredding. Document Destruction is audited annually to
       verify that every employee is uniformed, bonded, I.D. badged,
       drug tested, criminally background checked and is fully trained in
       the latest security measures.

   3. In addition to general liability insurance, Document Destruction has
       PROFESSIONAL LIABILITY COVERAGE to protect you against the following:
         • Unauthorized access to or theft of sensitive documents
         • Intentional acts by my employees
         • Negotiable instruments falling into the wrong hands
         • Identity theft stemming from information on sensitive documents
         • Violations of privacy, i.e. involving medical records

   4.  Since starting Document Destruction in 2004, we have NEVER had a
        security breach or had a client's private & confidential documents fall
        into the wrong hands. Secure document destruction is vital to a company's
        survival. This includes trade secrets, customer lists, employee records and
        records that need to be protected as required by federal law. I am personally
        committed to helping protect your firm's information and guarantee that they
        are safe and will never see the light of day.


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